Your brakes are the most important part of your vehicle, which is why they need to be well-maintained. If you notice any of the following warning signs, it is important to schedule a Brake Inspection immediately.


It is dangerous to drive with worn brake pads, because they are less effective in stopping your vehicle. Every time you press on your brakes, a set of brake pads squeeze together onto a disc or rotor. The friction created when this happens is what stops your vehicle. Over time, brake pads will wear down. If they are really worn, you may notice a delay in the amount of time your brakes take to slow the vehicle to a stop.


There is a small indicator located in the braking system that senses when brake pads are worn and creates a noise. If you notice a high pitch sound when you apply your brakes, this may be an indication that your brake pads are worn down. When the brake pad is completely worn, the brake can begin to damage the rotor. If this occurs, you may notice a grinding noise when you push the brake pedal.


If your vehicle swerves or pulls to one side when you press on the brake pedal, it means that uneven force is being applied on one side of the brakes. This can be caused by could be worn brake pads, a faulty caliper, or even issues with the brake fluid hoses.


If your foot feels like it is pulsating or vibrating when you press down on the brakes, the vibration may be caused by the brake pad touching the rotor. Damaged or worn brake rotors or brake pads could be the source of the vibration.

Efficient, healthy brakes are vital to your safety and the performance of your car. If there are any signs of a compromised brake system, book a Brake Inspection with a Hallman GM Certified Service Technician today. Call us at 519-364-3340 or book your appointment online.